When you enter Poochiez there is only ONE TEAM a central location, for Nail Techs to work, come together, motivate inspire and lift each other up.

PN House Keeping Policy

Please read carefully. If any of these terms and agreements are broken you may forfeit any of your future visits as a Guest Nail Artist at Poochiez Nails.

Please keep in mind that this is a walk-in, first-come-first-serve salon. However, someone can request you; they will have to wait in line until notified. Masks are mandatory. No one is to enter the salon without a mask covering their nose and mouth.

Your fee to work:

You must work all three days and the total fee is $150 with a $75 dollar none refundable or transferable deposit to hold your spot. Must be paid as soon as you read and sign this agreement. The $75 balance is to be paid a week before you arrive.

Salon Hours:

The shop hours are Thur - Sat 9 am-6 pm (You must be done for the day by 7pm)
anytime after is an additional $25 per hour. Please come in an hour early to set up your


You are responsible for all the supples including towels, you may also need a seat cushion if you are short ( must be black).


We have a starter price list to give a general idea of what to charge. Please be fair it may be best to ask your clients if they have a budget before your service begin.

Shared Space:

Some of you may or may not know each other. Please respect others Nail techs station do not stand over or pull up chairs to watch them unless they agree.

Client Seating:

Please don't sit clients at other nail stations or pull chairs from other stations. They are to sit at your station, or waiting area only.

Dress Code:

Every nail tech must wear a black shirt with your logo or brand identity & jeans or black tights with fully covered shoes.


Please keep your area clean and neat at all times. Nothing should be left on the floor. Any items that don't fit in your station securely are to be left at home or in your car.

You are required to clean your station before leaving the salon entirely.

Wipe down your table, chairs and the legs of the chairs.

Empty your trash, sweep around and under your station.

Table shields can only be cleaned with warm soapy water. Chemicals will damaged it.

If you are to damage anything that belongs to the shop, you will be required to pay for the damages.


Please inform your clients ahead of time that kids and extra people are not allowed inside the shop.There may be people who become aware that you are providing services at Poochiez that want to see or meet you in person at the salon. To maintain social distancing and show of respect for others who share the space, we do not allow pop-up social visits at this time; only those who are getting service can enter.

Business Hospitality:

At Poochiez Nails, we always like to keep a friendly, respectful environment; we are big on professionalism and try to maintain it. We do not allow any profanity, music with profanity or loud talking in the salon from the techs or clients. If your clients should happen to do any of these, you are responsible for informing them of our policy.


Promotions will be provided on the Poochiez Nails platform; however, you must also promote on your platform every week until you arrive.

No Soliciting:

There is no soliciting or selling of your products at Poochiez Nails. You can provide your website, social media handle, and business cards to your clients only.

No Gossip Policy:

Gossip is an activity that can drain, distract and downshift job satisfaction. We all have participated in this, yet most of us say we don’t like it. To create a more professional workplace, we are committed to having a gossip-free atmosphere. This includes speaking negatively of other Nail Techs' work and spreading rumors. We can not stop or control our clients from doing this; however, we can choose not to participate in the conversation.

Drug & Alchole 

Poochiez Nails is a Drug & Alchole Free environment. Any alchole or drug use should be done in your personal time, not on the job.

Please don’t leave anything of value visible in your car.

Thank you all so much and see you soon.